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Edible Oils Refining Update: From the Fundamentals to New Technologies

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Course Organizer: Sefa Koseoglu, Filtration and Membrane World LLC, USA

The global fats and oils community is looking for new innovative methods, novel commercial technologies/processes, unique products, and new applications to reduce energy usage, increase productivity, reduce waste and finally increase profitability. All attendees of this short course will have unique and valuable experience and an unmatched opportunity of solving their practical problems by learning from experiences of trend setters and industrial experts and developing their business through face-to-face meetings with speakers and other attendees.

The course attracts a diverse group of participants in the fats and oils industry, with scientists, technicians, equipment manufacturers, product formulators, plant engineers, processors, chemists, and sales and marketing executives in attendance. Topics to be addressed throughout the one day program include the chemistry of oils and fats and every step of unit operations as it relates to soybean, sunflower, corn, palm, and other tropical oils. In addition, attendees are updated on the current status of new developments, technologies, and methods in the edible-oils processing field.


Fundamentals of Oils and Fats.
Roland Verhe, University of Ghent, Belgium.
Practical Approach to Fat Crystallization.
Albert J. Dijkstra, France
Review of Degumming and Refining Technologies.
Barbara Harten, GEA Westfalia Separator, Germany.
Bleaching Basics and Practical Optimization.
David Brooks, Oil-Dri Corporation of America, USA.
From Fundamentals to New Filter Technologies.
Frank Veldkamp, MAHLE Industrial Filtration (Benelux) BV, The Netherlands.
Deodorization of Oils and Fats from Concept to the Operation.
Greg Waranica, Crown Iron Works Company, USA.
Refinery Optimization: Analytical Methods and Online Process Control.
Chris Dayton, Bunge, USA.
Basic Principles of Margarine Production and Critical Issues on Product Development.
Klaus Funch Hoeyer, SPX Flow Technology, Denmark.
Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) Technology:  Treating Wastewater from Oilseeds and Oil Processing.
Michael J. Boyer, Agribusiness and Water Technology Inc., USA.
Triple Filter Cycle Runs at One Third of Bleaching Earth Consumption: Case Studies with Cellulosic Adsorbents.
Stefan Neufeld, J. Rettenmaier and Söhne Faserstoff-Werke, Germany.
Improving Refining Yields—Reduction in Palm FFA by Enzymatic Re-esterification.
David Cowan, Novozymes UK Ltd., UK.
Nano Neutralization Process:  Application of Nano Reactor Technology in Edible Oil Processing.
Eric Svenson, Desmet Ballestra North America, USA.
Update on 3 MCPD Issues.
Wim De Greyt, Desmet Ballestra, Belgium.

Water Conservation Technologies in the Refinery.
John Piazza, Alfa Laval Inc., USA.

Optimizing Wanted Minor Components in Refined Oils and Fats While Minimizing Unwanted Components.
Ignace Debruyne, ID&A, Belgium.