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2008 Exhibitor Showcase

EXH 1: Exhibitor Showcase

Chair(s): T. Neuman, Westfalia Separator Inc., USA; and R. Berbesi, Oil-Dri Corporation of America, USA

Gas Splitting of SO3-in-Air for Sulfonation. W.B. Sheats, Chemithon, USA.

PRO 3 / EXH 2: Processing Exhibitor Session

Chair(s): T. Neuman, Westfalia Separator Inc., USA; and R. Berbesi, Oil-Dri Corporation of America, USA

Case Study of Vienna BioDiesel Plant - Construction, Implementation and Operation. Hermann Stockinger, BDI - BioDiesel International AG, Grambach/ Graz, Styria, Austria

The case study takes a close look at the BioDiesel plant in Vienna realised by BDI - BioDiesel International AG. This turn-key, tailor-made Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel plant uses BDI technology to produce 95.000 t/y (28.5 Mio USgal) of high-quality BioDiesel fulfilling the strictest product standards according to EN 14214 and ASTM D6751. After its Start-Up in June 2006 the plant is running at full capacity and it is intended to extend the capacity to 140.000 t/y (42 Mio USgal). The BDI Multi-Feedstock technology on the one hand allows to use crude vegetable oils (e.g. rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil) as well as used cooking oil as feedstock, and on the other hand achieves highest yield by converting all free fatty acids into BioDiesel. Apart from BioDiesel, pharmaceutical grade glycerine and fertilizer are produced as sellable by-products. The plant is one of 28 reference plants of BDI currently in operation or construction all over the world. BDI - BioDiesel International offers - Research, Development, Consulting - Project Development, Management of Financing & Funding - Authority-, Basic and Detail-Engineering - Construction and Start-up - After-Sales ServicesThe presentation will go through all these steps emphasising on the realization process of the Vienna Biodiesel plant project.

HyRadix Hydrogen Generation Systems. Terry Schuster, HyRadix, Inc., Des Plaines, IL, USA

HyRadix provides proven, high purity, on-site hydrogen generation systems for hydrogenation of oils and chemicals. HyRadix systems offer multiple benefits over conventional hydrogen delivery solutions including cost savings, security of supply and flexibility of operations. The generators are skid mounted packaged plants designed for quick installation. The HyRadix hydrogen generation technology and hydrogen waste gas recovery technology will be presented as well as a simplified case study.

Oilseed Pressing Challenges: Today Canola - Tomorrow Jatropha. J. Schulz, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Rising oil prices ask for more efficient mechanical oil extraction systems. With a combination of revolutionary mechanical engineering and a two-step full-pressing process Harburg-Freudenberger has the answer for today's needs. Tomorrow Jatropha oil will replace other seed oils valuable for human consumption as biofuel. In preparation of a growing processing demand HF has done extensive testing on jatropha and developed a matching pressing process. This makes HF the leading screw press and pressing process supplier not only for today's applications but also for the challenges to come.

The Expanding World of Oil Seed Preparation. S. Serra, Desmet Allocco, DeSmet Ballestra, USA

New Advances in Oil Fractionation from Desmet Ballestra. J.W. Willits, Desmet Allocco, DeSmet Ballestra, USA

New Emerging Fatty Alcohol Technologies: Challenge to a Catalyst Designer. D. Thakur, BASF Catalysts LLC, USA.

Evolution of Separator Design. B. Harten, Westfalia, USA.

Use of Selective Silicates in Biodiesel Water Wash Elimination. D. Brooks, Oil-Dri Corporation of America, USA.