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Resources for Editors and Authors

Academic Press and AOCS Press

Submit your book proposal today! We are interested in these types of books:

  • Monographs on specific topics
  • Student textbooks explaining principles and their application
  • Broad-based handbooks 
  • Short (40-150 pages) publications that are published within five (5) weeks of receipt of an acceptable manuscript

Why you should publish with Academic Press and AOCS Press

  • Book is associated with Academic Press, a prestigious and highly-regarded name in the science and technology publishing field
  • Global distribution on Science Direct and other distribution sites like EBSCO, eBrary, and Knovel
  • Books are developed and sold in all common formats including print, epub and more
  • Worldwide recognition as an expert in the field and as a leader in AOCS, the leading global society for advancing the science and technology of fats and oils
  • 30% discount on copies of the book; and a free eBook copy.
  • Collaboration with other scientists from around the world

Book Publishing Process
All Academic Press and AOCS Press proposals must undergo a rigorous review process before entering production. Below is an overview of the process:

  1. Proposal: Send us your idea or your book proposal. A quality book proposal includes suggested chapter titles and contributors, along with a summary of the need for the book in the marketplace.
  2. Review: The AOCS Books and Special Publications Committee will review your book proposal and offer feedback to improve the book. Elsevier subject matter experts will also review the proposal.
  3. Agreement: Once your proposal has been accepted contracts are prepared to confirm the publishing partnership. After AOCS and Elsevier have received signed electronic copies of the agreement, the book production process begins. Editors and chapter contributors will receive the Author Guidelines.
  4. Writing: An AOCS Production Coordinator will work with you to keep your book on track. Elsevier also offers some helpful tips as you prepare the book manuscript. 
  5. Peer-Review: All book chapters must go through peer-review by at least one outside expert. Editors are responsible for the peer-review process, but AOCS Press can facilitate reviews, if necessary.  
  6. Production: An Elsevier production specialist will oversee the production process.  


Rights and Permissions Support
All material published by AOCS Press is protected under copyright law, and we ask you to adhere to it when using our material. Editors and authors are required to obtain permission. If material is found within another STM publication, usually permission fees are waived as a result of the alliance with Elsevier.


For permission to reuse material from AOCS Press Books, please visit the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. website or call (+1 978-750-8400).

Copyright Notice and Terms of Use (.pdf)


We encourage you to get in touch with Janet Brown, Content Director, regarding your interest in publishing with AOCS.