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AOCS Press

Resources for Distributors/Librarians

AOCS Press welcomes sales via reputable book distributors. We offer agency rates as well as discounts for bulk sales. To learn more, please contact Jessica Tatar for specific details. Appropriate documentation may be requested.


Shipping charges will be added to the order total, and are based on weight and region. To prepay by check or wire transfer, please call 1-217-693-4803 or email for shipping total. Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable and subject to change without notice.


Librarians are encouraged to purchase the AOCS titles directly from AOCS. However, print titles are also available from Baker & Taylor. In addition, most AOCS titles can be found online through the following digital resellers: eBrary, EBL, and EBSCO.


AOCS Press Editors receive discounts on the book(s) they publish with AOCS Press. Visit the Author and Editor Support page for more information.